Tuesday, 28 June 2011

PTs: what are your favourite ways to train?

Here are my favourites. 

Free weights
Free weights are great for getting results with. Try to avoid fixed resistant machines where you can; free weights are far better for your fixators, core and for recruiting more motor units.

Likewise, ViPR is a great personal training tool that can be used with any client. I use it for clients with different goals from weight loss to sports conditioning and everything in between. It’s fantastic for a wide range of whole body exercises that can be tailored to your clients’ abilities. It’s a great piece of fun kit that my clients use to carry out personalised programmes from home with.
Boxing is a hard, fun workout. I find women love it and it’s a great way for your clients to let off some steam. Try mixing boxing with a mixture of body weight exercise for a great, high intensity workout.

Levers, gravity, ground reaction and momentum
Levers, gravity, ground reaction and momentum are often overlooked when training with a client. Think about how you can use these forces to reach your client's goals. For example if your client wants to work their stomach try a posterior lunge with a bilateral overhead reach. You’re going to have to work the abs as they control the posterior momentum created by legs and gravity.

The great outdoors
Training doesn’t always need to be in a gym! Try training outside; it's a great way to motivate clients and mix things up. Some possibilities are interval training on bikes and hill sprints.

What are your favourite equipment or environment, and why?


  1. Med balls, trx, skipping rope, countryside parks and hills plus gates, vipr, cones, hurdles, bands ..

    Outdoors as much as possible as from my younger years in school, the air, water, sunshine, trees hill and different terrain made for exciting challenges. This also just felt better than doing indoors training regimes

  2. Weight loss has to come first before toning and definition can be attained. The best lower core workout are those that include each of these aspects and focus on overall fitness of your body.

  3. Thanks guys,
    @x3dre: How are you finding the TRX? Are they easy to use with clients? Not given them a go yet.