Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The perfect bum?

As promised in my last blog, here’s a programming exercise for an effective bum/tum workout. A big thank you to PTontheNet – whenever I put together a new programme they are one of the first resources I use. It gives some great ideas on how you can take exercises from a basic level and advance them.
For a great bum/tum workout you need to ensure that all exercises are compound movements to maximise the muscles being used.

Bum/tum programme:

Activity Sets Reps Tempo Intensity
Deadlift – dumbbells 3 15 2:2 High
Basic squat 3 15 2:2 High
Chest press 3 15 2:2 High
Clean and jerk 3 15 2:2 High
Lunge – forward 3 15 2:2 High

There are a number of ways the routine can be progressed. You can change the sets, reps, tempo or rest period to create a new stimulus. One of my favourite things to do is perform the exercises using a heavy weight first, then cut the rest period out and complete the workout in a cardio style. I’ve found clients enjoy this type of training – tough as it is!

I recommend performing this workout on a Monday and then it can be repeated later in the week. If a client feels sore or tight in a specific area, change the workout around.

Here are some alternatives to the exercises listed:

Deadlift – dumbbell deadlift, transverse deadlift, single arm deadlift, single leg deadlift.

Squats – split squats, boss squats, single leg squats, BOSU single leg squat.

Chest press – dumbbell chest press, single arm chest press, Swiss ball chest press, Swiss ball dumbbell chest press, Swiss ball single arm chest press.

Clean and jerk – clean and jerk with dumbbells, single arm clean and jerk.

Lunge – lunge with dumbbells, lunge with Olympic bar, lunge onto BOSU, BOSU lunge with dumbbells, BOSU lunge with Olympic bar.

Of course, if the client is really tired then they may need a rest or for you to perform a totally different routine with them.

I hope this is useful to you all, let me know how you get on!


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New clients

I’ve had a good week so far. Had a meeting with a new client on Friday who saw one of my ‘New Year, new you’ flyers and wants to do two morning sessions per week. I then had a new massage client on Saturday who also found my details via a flyer. I talked to her about fitness and nutrition during the hour, and she asked for a price list afterwards – hopefully will hear back from her in the next day or two that she wants to go ahead with personal training. So far I’m making good on my New Year’s resolution to increase my client list.

I’ve created a new list of packages and prices: it’s easier to concentrate the marketing and promotion to attract a certain type of client. I’ve got packages aimed at weight loss, toning, athletes and sports players etc. One of my friends is going to have a play about with my website this week and add the packages and prices ... keep an eye on

My mentor had some great advice about my client with shoulder problems, so I've incorporated mobilising exercises with band/gentle movements (flys) with very light weights to myclient's programme. When the shoulder is tight, you want to avoid strengthening it in a compromised position (while movement is limited), and go with mixture of active stretches/gentle exercises to encourage range of motion.

My current topic of interest is programming for my new mum clients who want to tone bums and tums. I'll post a programme next week so you can give it a go yourself. Let me know any tips or requests!


Friday, 4 February 2011

The fame game

I'm featured in the February issue of Fitpro Network magazine! Having been "adopted" by Fitpro, they're getting behind my goal to double my client list. First up, they've kinda pulled my marketing to pieces - and then suggested what would be better. Hopefully they'll be giving me the new flyers to use - so I'll let you know if it makes any difference. Meantime, I've had lots of my own ideas to create "package" options. I'll reveal all next week ...