Tuesday, 7 June 2011

PTs: how can you create a successful support network?

Make a list of local providers
At Feel Good PT I've been creating a support network for myself and my clients.

Having a support network behind you is a great tool for marketing and ensures you can provide for all the needs of your clients. Useful contacts include nutritionists and physiotherapists.
Creating this network will benefit you by being able to consult with other professions to ask for advice and offer the opportunity to refer/gain clients. The support network benefits clients by your contacts being able to offer promotions/discounted rates on first sessions.
A great way to pitch this idea to other professions is by contacting them offering a referral scheme. The advantages for them are getting more clients and the possibility of free marketing in your client's training folder.
I recommend meeting up for a relaxed coffee to give you the opportunity to get more information on each other’s services. Some of the key areas to ask about include prices, locations that you’re both willing to travel to, whether you/they work from a studio, plus insurance, qualifications and past experience. It also presents a good opportunity to discuss what marketing has/hasn’t been working for both of you in your local communities.
Ways you can generate new clients through a partnership include
  • Referrals
  • Website links
  • Promotional material in client folders
  • Newsletters
  • Exclusive discounts/ introduction price
Do you currently do anything like this? If so, let me know how its working out for you.

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