Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Space saver

Just because you don’t have the luxury of the space of a gym or studio floor doesn’t mean you can’t deliver a fun and hard workout to help clients achieve the results they’re looking for. Here are some ideas on how to train in a small place to help clients achieve their fitness goals.
ViPR, boxing and free weights are great pieces of kit, especially when you have limited space. Try mixing ViPR and free weights with plyometric training for great cardio results. For example, squat jumps to shoulder press or a squat jump when performing the ViPR exercise ‘thread the needle’. One of the great things with ViPR is that there are endless amounts of exercises you can perform with your clients.
To use free weights in a cardio workout try increasing the tempo of the exercises. Put a few high-tempo plyometric exercises into the programme to challenge your clients’ cardiovascular abilities and keep them in the heart rate zone you want.
Boxing is a good exercise for maintaining a cardiovascular workout for a sustainable period of time. Push your clients to hit hard and increase the tempo to progress the exercise. Think about ways in which you can integrate boxing with other exercises, e.g., jabbing with squats or punching above the head combined with sit-ups.
I hope you find this helpful. What type of exercise routine do you use with your clients when you have little space available?

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