Thursday, 18 August 2011

PTs: are you training clients online?

One of the problems I found within my business is that by only having a single product of private personal training priced at £40, I didn’t have a second product I could sell to consumers who wanted help to reach their goals but couldn’t afford an hourly rate.

Because of this I created an online package: detailed training plans, nutritional assessment and continuous support via email and text.

My online training package is targeted at former clients who have reached their goals and want to maintain results, plus new clients interested in personal training but who cannot afford £40 for a private session.

One area I'm investigating includes using the online model as a promotion in local sports and fitness shops, tied in with purchases. This creates an incentive for the shop to promote you as they will potentially sell more high-end products. It benefits the consumer as they’re getting more for their money, plus an effective training programme that delivers results. And you will benefit from gaining more online clients.

Try it - and let me know how you get on. All ideas and feedback welcome!

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