Monday, 31 January 2011


Had quite an eventful week - I've been very busy with massage clients - plus I've got a new PT client in the works. I met him in the pub below the flat, lol. Always knew the pub would come in handy :-) He's an ex marine, was discharged from the army due to shin splints and wants to rebuild his fitness and strength. I'm looking forward to working with a clients whose goal is to put muscle on rather than lose weight.

One of my clients has just reached her big goal - and she's keeping me on. I took her from weight loss to being ready to run the marathon, so we're both over the moon about that. I'm looking forward to working with her as a more "social sport" client now.(Speaking of which - interesting bit in the Guardian today, about gyms obsessing over women losing weight, instead of just having fun with exercise).

I've also set myself some more fitness goals, so hope to get time to concentrate on my own training a bit more. Oh - the boxing training has gone really well with my clients. The ladies love it, and it's proven its worth when we're working in tight spaces, or as an indoors cardiovascular workout when it's raining.

I haven't checked in with my mentor this week, so need to make time for that as well. I've got a client who has limited mobility due to an operation on the tendons in her shoulder. Anyone out there got any practical advice on the subject?

Anyone also got any practical advice about the perils of home training? Not what you think - I was trying to train one of my clients in her front room, only to have her cat keep jumping on her tummy right at the crucial moment! So that's a new meaning for the "cat pose" ...


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